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London Walking Tours - Guided Walks With Author Richard Jones - Explore and discover London with author, historian and qualified Blue Badge Guide Richard Jones. Uncover London's lesser known places.
H.G. Wells House - 17 Church Row Hampstead. - A look at 17 Church Row Hampstead once the home of writer H.G. Wells. The article discusses his life here.
7 Days In London - A Guide to Great Things To Do In London - This is our suggested itinerary of things to do in London on Day one of your 7 days in London. We will help you to not just see London but experience it.
Our Accessibility and Disability Policy - Here you will find details of our walks for clients who are hearing or sight impaired or those with mobility issues.
Richard's List -Things to do in April 2015 - The list of things to do in London for April 2015 compiled by Richard Jones.
April 2016 - Things To Do In London. - The list of things to do in London for April 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Things to Do In London For April 2017. - The list of things to do in London for April 2017 compiled by Richard Jones.
Things To Do In London August 2016 - The list of things to do in London for August 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Bawdy London Pub Walk - The Naughty Bits - Enjoy a pub walk through the bawdy side of London's history and visit several old pubs where that history was played out.
The Belgravia Walk - London's Most Exclusive Neighbourhood - Explore the streets, mews and squares of Belgravia, London's wealthiest and most exclusive quarter.
The Boar's Head Ceremony - Butchers Company City of London. - A look at the annual Boar's Head Ceremony that take place in the City of London each December.
Buckingham Palace - Introduction - An introduction to the history of Buckingham Palace with visitor information.
The Butterworth Charity - St Bartholomew The Great - Each Good Friday the Butterworth Charity is given to poor widows at St Bartholomew The Great.
Ceremony of the Keys At The Tower of London - Our guide to the Ceremony of the Keys, which takes place nightly at the Tower of London and which you can attend free of charge. We tell you how.
Change of the Guard At Buckingham Palace - A Step By Step Guide. - Our detailed step by step guide to getting the most out of the Change of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. We'll tell you how to get the most memorable views.
The Chelsea Walk - Discover London's Bohemian Village - Chelsea is London's bohemian village and, on this walk, we venture into its picturesque squares and quaint streets to hear of the famous figures who have lived and who still live here.
London Guided Walks - Christmas 2017 - Details of the London walks we will be conducting over the Christmas period in 2017.
The Clerkenwell Walk - A Tour of London's Secret Village - Clerkenwell is London's hidden village and on this walk we explore its timeless squares and narrow alleyways where the area's vibrant history comes alive.
Our Contact Details. - How to get in touch with us by email and phone.
Things You Can Do In London - December 2014 - Suggestions for things that you might like to do in London throughout December 2014.
Things To Do In London - December 2016 - Suggestions for things that you might like to do in London throughout December 2016.
The Charles Dickens Christmas Carol Walk - Join Richard Jones for a Dickens Christmas Walk through the streets where A Christmas Carol was set.
Dickens London Guided Walk - An eventful walk that explores the streets, alleyways and riverside paths that Charles Dickens knew and wrote about.
The London of Dickens and Shakespeare Walk - Explore the old streets, historic thoroughfares and riverside pathways that were known to both William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.
The Charles Dickens Birthday Walk - Join Richard Jones for a a walk through the streets of London to celebrate Charles Dickens 203rd birthday.
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Richard's List of things to do in London - February 2015 - Richard's London list detailing intersting things you can do in London in February 2015.
Free Walks, Quizzes and London Books - On this page you will find details of the free self-guided walks that we offer, plus quizzes and books on London.
Ghostly Hampstead By Night - Horrors of the Heath - Ghost book author Richard Jones takes you on a spine-tingling ghost walk through the streets of haunted Hampstead.
London Most Haunted Ghost Walk - London's Paranormal Past. - Join London's premier ghost walk guide, Richard Jones, for a spooky walk around the places where ghosts have been seen and where horrors aplenty abound.
The Great Fire of London Walk - London's Burning - A walk that follows the Great Fire of London's trail of destruction through the heart of the medieval City.
Richard Jones's Haunted Halloween London Ghost Walk. - Join London's master of the macabre, Richard Jones, for a Halloween ghost walk through the spooky streets of the haunted City.
The Harry Potter Tour - The London of Muggles and Wizards - Muggles can explore the various London locations where the scenes in the Harry Potter movies were filmed.
The Haunted London Walk - City of Dreadul Night - Join London's master of the macabre, Richard Jones, for a journey ino the dark recesses of haunted London to seek out eerie and haunted places.
Ghosts of the Old City - Haunted London's Paranormal Places - An atmospheric London Ghost Walk that explores the old alleyways at the heart of the old City of London where ghosts of the past lurk.
The Hampstead Walk - London's Country Village - A walking tour that explores the lanes, passageways and churchyards of Hampstead, London's country village.
The Hidden Horrors Haunted London Ghost Walk - A truly spooky ghost walk that explores one of London's oldest and most haunted quarters where the ghosts of bygone residents put in the odd appearance.
The Hidden London Tour - A Walk Therough London's Past - The hidden London tour explores the tucked away parts of old London that nestle away from the busy main roads.
The Inns and Taverns of Old London - The Secret City Pub Walk - A captivating journey through the streets of historic London with stops at some truly atmospheric old pubs.
The Inns of Court Tour - A Walk Through Legal London. - Join us for an enchanting walk around London's Inns of Court and explore the secret world of Legal London.
A Journey Through Dickens London - Join Dickens expert Richard Jones for a Dickens walk that will take you into a part of London that has hardly changed since Dickens lived and worked here.
It's A Funny Old City - Bizarre and Unusual London - The Funny Old City Walk explores the comic side of London and introduces you to some of the City's lesser known historic streets, courtyards and buildings.
Richard's List of things to do in London - January 2015 - Richard's London list with suggestions of things to do in London during January 2015.
January 2016 - Things To Do In London. - The list of things to do in London for January 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Richard's List For July 2015. - The list of things to do in London for July 2015 compiled by Richard Jones of Discovery Tours.
Things To Do In London June 2016 - The list of things to do in London for June 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Legal London Facts - Barristers And The Inns Of Court - A guide to the Inns of Court and facts about legal London including how to become a barrister.
The London Docklands Tour - Maritime London - A fascinating walk that explores the riverside streets and pathways of London's historic and modern Docklands.
London Facts - Things To Do In London. - London is a great city and here we suggest various other things to do in London..
London Film and Movie Locations - A guide to the locations around London that have been used in various films and movies.
London Highlights Tour - A great day out in London seeing the highlights of the City on a tour that will be packed with sights and sites.
Boudicca's Uprising Against The Romans AD61. - In AD61, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, led an uprising that almost stopped the Roman colonisation of Britain in its tracks.
London Houses- The Capital's Historic Residences - A brief look at some of the historic houses that you can visit in and around London.
The Historic London Pub Walk - Fleet Street Hostelries - Explore the inns and outs of Fleet Street, uncover its history and sample its old pubs.
London Rock and Pop Locations - A guide to the locations where London's rock and pop heritage was formed. From the Beatles to The Sex Pistols and beyond.
Ghosts, Ghouls and Haunted Theatres - London's Supernatural West End - A haunted London walk that explore the creepy gas lit alleyways around Covent Garden where an array of ghosts have been just dying to make your acquaintance.
London Shopping Guide - Our guide to shopping in London looking at the well known stores and the lesser known, more specialised, shops in London.
The London Story Walk - A Journey Through 2,000 Years of History. - Follow the fascinating story of the City of London on a walk that races its history all the way from its Roman origins to the present day.
Our Walks In London For Sunday - We offer walks in London throughout the day on Sundays beginning with the Dickens tour and ending with the popular Jack the Ripper Tour.
Richard's List -Things to do in London March 2015 - The list of things to do in London for March 2015 compiled by Richard Jones.
Richard's Suggestions For London Things To Do - March 2016. - The list of things to do in London for March compiled by Richard Jones.
Richard's Suggestions For London Things To Do - March 2017. - The list of things to do in London for March 2017 compiled by Richard Jones.
Richard's Suggestions For May 2015. - The list of things to do in London for May 2015 compiled by Richard Jones.
May 2016 - Things To Do In London. - The list of things to do in London for May 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
What To Do In London - November 2014 - Richard's London list with suggestions of things to do in London for November 2014.
Richard's Suggestions For Things to do in London November 2015. - The list of things to do in London for November 2015 compiled by Richard Jones.
London Things To Do - October -2014 - Richard's list of things to do in London for October 2014.
Things To Do In London October 2016 - The list of things to do in London for October 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Arthur Strane and Mark Tomlinson - 25th August 1902 - The story behind the tragedy of the drowning of Arthur Strange and Mark Tomlinson on August 25th 1902 in Lincolnshire..
Daniel Pemberton - January 17th 1903 - On January 17th, 1903, railway foreman Daniel Pemberton was killed by a train whilst saving the life of a colleague..
David Selves - 12th September 1886 - On the 12th of September 1886 12 year old David Selves was drowned whilst trying to save a friend.
Edmund Emery - 31st July 1874 - On July 31st 1874, Charles Edward Emery jumped into the River Thames in a brave attempt to save a child and was drowned.
Edward Blake - 5th February 1895 - Edward Blake was drowned when he went to the rescue of a girl who had fallen through the ice on 5th February 1895.
Police Constable Edward Greenoff - 19th January 1917 - PC Edward George Brown Greenoff died from injuries he received at the Silvertown explosion on 19th January 1917.
Elizabeth Boxall - June 20th 1888 - The details of the act of self-sacrifice that led to the death of Elizabeth Boxall on 20th June 1888.
Elizabeth Coghlam - 1st January 1902 - Domestic servant Elizabeth Coghlam died whe she carried a blazing lamp out of a house to save the lives of two sleeping children.
Ellen Donovan - 28th July 1873 - On July 28th 1873, Ellen Donovan lost her life when she rushed into a burning house to rescue a neighbour's children.
Ernest Benning - August 25th 1883 - Ernest Benning was dronwed in the Thames on 25th August 1883 after he had kept a young woman afloat long enough for her to be rescued.
Frderick Allfred Croft - 11th January 1878 - Frederick Alfred Croft was killed on 11th January 1878 when he saved a woman from being run over by a train.
George Blencowe - 6th September 1880 - On 6th Septmber 1880 George Blencowe jumped into the River Lea to save a drowning boy and was himself drowned.
George Frederick Simonds - 1st December 1886 - On the 1st of December 1886 Frederick George Simons died whilst trying to rescue a woman from a burning house.
George Lee - 26th July 1876 - On the 26th of July 1876 fireman George Lee was fatally injured attempting to rescue a woman from a blazing house.
George Stephen Funnell - 22nd December 1899 - George Stephn Funnel risked his life by entering a blazing pub to save a barmaid. He later died from his injuries.
G. Garnish - 7th January 1885 - The Story of the supposed death of a young clergyman, G. Garnish, who drowned trying to rescue a stranger.
Harry Sisley - 24th May 1878 - On the 24th of May 1878, whilst stopping to play on his way home from school, Harry Sisley was drowned trying to save his brother.
Henry James Bristow - 30th December 1890 - On 30th December 1890, 8 year old Henry Bristow died from burns received in trying to save his little sister's life.
Herbert Maconoghu - 28th August 1882 - Herbert Maconoghu was drowned off the North Devon Coast when he went to the assistance of a friend on the morning of 28th August 1882.
Herbert Peter Cazaly - 21st April 1889 - Herbet Peter Cazaly was drowned at Kew on 21st April 1889 when he endeavoured to save a man from drowning.
The G. F. Watts Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice - Postman's Park - The story of how George Frederic Watts created the Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice in Postman's Park, London..
The History of Postman's Park - St Botolph's - The full history of Postman's Park, the former churchyard of St Botolph, Aldersgate.
James Bannister - 14th October 1901 - James Bannister was killed in a fire at a shop when he tried to rescue a man caught in the flames on 14 October 1901.
James Hewers - 24th September 1878 - James Hewers died from injuries received when he tried to prevent a man being run over by a train on 24th September 1878.
John Clinton - July 16th 1894 - John Clinton was drowned near London Bridge when, having rescued a companion from the river, he slipped back into the river.
John Cranmer Cambridge - 8th August 1901 - The details of the heroic death of John Cranmer Cambridge who was drowned at Ostend on the 8th of August 1901.
John Slade - 26th December 1902 - John Slade lost his life in a house fire as he tried to rouse other occupants of the property on 26th December 1902.
Joseph Andrew Ford - October 7th 1871 - The details of the tragic death of fireman Joseph Andrew Ford, which occurred on 7th October 1871.
Joseph William Onslow - 5th May 1886 - On the 5th of May 1885, Joseph William Onslow was dronwed when he dived into the Thames to save a boy.
Leigh Pitt - 7th June 2007 - Leigh Pitt was drowned in the Thamesmead Canal when he went to the rescue of a 9 year old boy who had fallen in.
Mary Rogers - 30th March 1899 - Mary Rogers went down with the Stella when she gave up her life belt to another passenger when the ship was sinking on 30th March 1899.
The Key To The Guide To The Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice - The key to the guide to the G. F. Watts Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice in London's Postman's Park.
Frederick Mills, A. Rutter, Robert Durrant and F. D. Jones - 1st July 1895 - On 1st July 1895 five men lost their lives in a tragedy at the Sewer Works in East Ham.
Mrs Yarman - March 26th 1900 - Mrs Mary Jarman died in a fire at her house whilst trying to rescue her mother-in-law from the flames.
Godfrey Nicholson, George Elliott and Robert Underhill - July 12th 1901 - On July 12th, 1901, three men descended into a well in East London, one after another, to rescue their comrades, and were poisoned by gas.
Percy Edwin Cook - 7th October 1927 - PC Percy Edwin Cook lost his life in October 1927 when he went to the rescue of two workmen who had been overcome by gas.
Richard Farris - 20th May 1878 - Richard Farris died when, on the 20th May 1878, he tried to prevent a girl from drowning herself in the Surrey Canal.
Robert Wright - April 30th 1893 - Police Constable Robert Wright lost his life on 30th April 1893 when he tried to save a woman from a burning house.
Samuel Lowdell - 25th February 1887 - Samuel Lowdell was drowned in the Thames on 25th February 1887 when he dived into the river to save a boy who had fallen in.
Dr Samuel Rabbeth - October 26th 1884 - The details of the death of Samuel Rabbeth who died as a result of trying to save the life a young boy.
Sarah Smith - January 24th 1863 - Sarah Smith died from burns that she received in a tragic accident on the stage at the Princess's Theatre in January 1863.
Soloman Galaman - 8th August 1901 - The Story of the death of Soloman Galaman who died saving the life of his little borther..
Thomas Griffin - 12th April 1899 - Newspaper reports on the death of Thomas Griffin who died trying to search for his mate on 12th April 1899.
Thomas Simpson - 25th January 1885 - Thomas Simpson died on 25th January 1885, when he went to the rescue of people who had fallen through the ice at Highgate ponds.
Walter Peart And Harry Dean - 18th July 1898 - Despite being scalded and burnt Walter Peart And Harry Dean bravely stopped their train, thus saving the lives of their passengers.
William Donald - 12th April 1899 - Newspaper reports on the death of William Donald who drowned in the River Lea on 12th April 1899.
William Drake - 2nd April 1869 - The details of the death of William Drake, 2nd April 1869, one of those commemorated on the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice.
William Fisher - 12th July 1886 - On the 12th of July 1886, nine year old William Fisher died when he tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent his little brother from being run over.
William Freer Lucas - 8th October 1893 - Dr William Freer Lucas died after contracting diphtheria from a child he was trying to save.
William Goodrum - 28th February 1880 - William Goodrum lost his life on 28th February 1880 when he rushed to prevent a labourer from being run over by a train.
Walks For Private Groups. - Our London Walking Tours can be booked privately by offices, schools or even just groups of friends.
A Quiz Walk Around The City - Enjoy a pleasant stroll around London whilst seeking the answers to quiz questions.
Richard's List of Free Things To Do In London - A monthly list compiled by London Walking Tours guide Richard Jones offerring free things to do in London.
Richard's List For July 2017 - Free Things In London. - The list of things to do in London for July 2017 compiled by Richard Jones.
Richard's List For June 2017- Things To Do In London. - The list of things to do in London for June 2017 compiled by Richard Jones.
The Old Father Thames Riverside Pub Walk - Explore a truly atmospheric riverside village and sample the hospitality at three truly historic and atmospheric Thamesside pubs.
The Secret London Tour - Discover The City's Hidden Treasures - A magical journey through the secret streets of hidden London that explores the tucked away places where history was made and where time stands still.
The Home Of John Forster - 57 and 58 Lincoln's Inn Fields - A history of 57 ans 58 Lincoln's Inn Fields, formerly the home of Charles Dickens's great friend John Forster.
Not The Beatles Abbey Road. - Beatles fans looking for the famous Abbey Road Crossing have, mistakingly, been going to Abbey Road DLR Station.
Admiral's House, Hampstead - Admiral Booms House In Mary Poppins - Admiral's House In Hampstead inspired P. L. Travers to create Admiral Booms House in Mary Poppins. Here is its history.
The Bakers On Widegate Street - Philip Lindsey Clark - On the upper levels of the building at 12 Widegate Street you will find four panels depicting the bread baking process.
The Booth's Gin Friezes On Britton Street - High up on the facade of 24 Britton Street, in Clerkenwell, is a grouping of five friezes that used to adorn the Booth's Gin distillery on Turnmill Street.
The Carting Lane Sewer Powered Gas Lamp - Tucked away on Carter Lane you will find London's last surviving sewer powered gas lamp, orginally intended to burn of gas from the sewer below.
The City of London - Curiosities and Offbeat Sights - The Curiosities of the City of London are numerous and on this page you can read a summary of all the secret places in the City.
The Cornhill Devils - The Architect's Revenge - Look up at the building next door to St Peter's Church, on Cornhill, and you will see three devils looking down. Here is their story.
Daren Bread - A Ghost Sign On Stepney Green - On the wall of one of the buildings on Stepney Green, there is a ghost sign of an advert for Daren Bread.
The Dolphin Tavern's World War One Clock - Inside the Dolphin Tavern on Red Lion Street is an old clock, the hands of which are perpetually frozen at 10.40pm.
The East End of London - Curiosities of East London. - Featuring the Secret, hidden and offbeat places of the East End of London and beyond.
The Edison Electric Light Bulb - University College London -
Endangered Species - Sculptures By Barry Baldwin - Across the road from Trafalgar Square you will find the Endangered Species carving by Barry Baldwin.
Jacob Epstein's Mutilated Statues On the Strand. - On the upper level of Zimbabwe House, on the Strand, you will see several headless statues. They were the work of Jacob Epstein, and they caused a scandal.
The Erasmus Wind Vane - The Whitechapel Gallery. - The cupola of the Whitechapel Gallery is crowned by a weather vane that shows Erasmus riding backwards on a horse reading his book The Praise of Folly.
Harrington House - Craig's Court. - The Earls of Harrington occupied Harrington House, in London's Craig's Court, from 1702 to 1917.
The Alfred Hitchcock Mosaics - Leytonstone Station. - As you enter or leave Leytonstone Station you will pass a series of mosaics showing scenes from the films and the life of Alfred Hitchcock.
The Plaque For Sherlock Holmes's Meeting With Watson - In the museum of St Bartholomew's Hospital is the plaque commemorating the meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
Secret London - A Guide To Offbeat and Unusual Places - This is a guide to London's secret locations and places. It offers history and mystery in equal measure.
James Henry Greathead Statue - Cornhill - The statue of James Henry Greathead can be found on a pedestal on an island in the middle of the road on Cornhill.
The Jean Cocteau Murals - Church of Notre Dame de France - Inside the church of Notre Dame de France you can enjoy a mural by Jean Cocteau.
Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon - South Cloister University College London -
The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel - Deep beneath Waterloo Station is the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel which is covered in colourful street art and which is a joy to explore.
Little Compton Street - London's Buried Thoroughfare - In the middle of Charing Cross Road you can look down through an iron grille to view two signs for Little Compton Street.
Little Dorrit's Window - The Church of St George The Martyr - Dickens Little Dorrit was christened inside the church of St George The Martyr where she is remembered in the Little Dorrit stained glass Window.
The Grave of the Llewelyn Davies Family - The Lost Boys - The Grave of the Llewelyn Davies Family is located in the churchyard extension of St John-at-Hampstead
The London Necropolis Railway - Next Stop Eternity. - For 87 years the London Necropolis Railway transported the coffins of departed Londoners from a special station on Westminster Bridge Road to Brookwood Cemetery, in Surrey.
Secrets of the London Suburbs. - For this section of the Uncovering Secret London Website we're heading out to the suburbs to unveil the many curiosities located on the outskirts of London.
The Marc Bolan Memorial - Barnes Common. - A memorial by the side of the road marks the spot where rock legend March Bolan died in September 1977.
The Meggie Albanesi Plaque - St Martin's Theatre - A plaque in the foyer of London's St Martin's Theatre remembers the tragic actress Meggie Albanesi.
The Metropolitan Police Coat Hook - Great Newport Street - On the wall of number 4 Great Newport Street, you will find a wrought iron hook on which policemen on traffic duty used to hang their capes.
The Miniature of St Paul's Cathedral On Vauxhall Bridge. - Did you know that you can find a miniature version of St Paul's Cathedral on Vauxhall Bridge?.
The Myddelton Passage Police Initial Carvings - Carved into the brickwork in Myddelton Passage, in north London, you will find the initials and collar numbers of 19th century police officers.
The Neal's Yard Water Clock - Created by Tim Hunkin and Andy Plant the Neal's Yard Water Clock has been delighting people ever since.
Joe Jenkins - Former Landlord at the Newman Arms. - Joe Jenkins, the former landlord of Rathbone Street's Newman Arms was famed for swearing at his customers!
Secret Places in North London - Curiosities of North London. - Featuring the Secret, hidden and offbeat places that are scattered across Islington, Camden, Hampstead and other north London locations.
The Model Of Old London Bridge - St Magnus The Martyr - Inside the church of St Magnus The Martyr You Will Find a scale model of Old London Bridge.
The Philpot Lane Mice - If you look closely at the wall of the building at the south end of Philpot Lane, you will notice a carving of two mice fighting over a piece of cheese.
Polly Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese's Foul Mouthed Parrot. - Polly, the worldfamous Parrot at Fleet Street's historic Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub, was once renowned for its very colourful vocabulary.
The Robert Balthrope Memorial- St Bartholomew-the-Less - On the wall inside the church of St Bartholomew the Less is the memorial to the Sergeant-Surgeon Robert Balthrop.
The Old Roman City Wall Of London On Tower Hill - On Tower Hill, you will find one of the most impressive sections of the Roman wall that once encircled London.
The Roupell Street Conservation Area - A Time Capsule Enclave - The charming knot of 19th century streets that make up the Roupell Street Conservation area offer a true time capsule.
The Sailor's Home Coming Window - Sir John Betjeman's Flat Cloth Fair. - The Sailor's Home Coming Window can be seen on the outside wall of 43 Cloth Fair which was the home of the poet Sir John Betjeman.
The Sherlock Death Leap - Phone Box - The phone box by which Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes fell is now a place of pilgrimage for Sherlock fans.
Sir Richard Burton's Tomb - St Mary Magdelen's Churchyard, Mortlake. - The curious tomb of Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton in the churchyard St Mary Magdelen, Mortlake.
Curiosities of South London. - A look at the more offbeat, hidden and secret places that can be found at various locations around South London.
St George In The East Mortuary Building - In the churchyard of St George In The East there stands a tumbledown brick building that was once a mortuary.
St George The Martyr Borough - The Black Clock Face - St George The Martyr on Borough High Street has four clock faces, one of which is coloured black in reproach to the people of Bermondsey.
The Church Clock - St Magnus The Martyr - The splendid clock of St Magnus the Martyr was commissioned in 1709 by the then Lord Mayor, Sir Charles Duncombe.
The Devil's Visit To St Michael's, Cornhill - Inside the church of St Michael's Cornhill, you will find a carving on a pew that remembers a long ago visit to the church by the devil.
The Skulls of St Olave's, Hart Street - St Ghastly Grim - The arched gateway to St Olave's, Hart Street is surmounted by three stone skulls that led Charles Dickens to call this the church of St Ghastly Grim.
The St Pancras Caryatids - A Bit Of Athens in London - On the exterior of St Pancras Church, on Euston Road, you will find two groupings of four caryatids that are an absolute delight to discover.
The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing - St John's Wood. - The Abbey Road Crossing, made famous by the Beatles on their album cover of the same name, is located in St John's Wood. Here's its story.
How The Castle Got A Pawnbrokers Licence - The Castle pub on Turnmill Street has the unique right to also trade as a pawnbroker. According to tradition, this right was granted it by George IV.
The Cornhill Water Pump - Erected in 1799 the Cornhill Pump was intended to bring fresh water to the citizens of London living locally.Here is its history.
The Hardy Tree - Old Saint Pancras Burial Ground. - The Hardy Tree stands in St Pancras Old Burial Ground where, in 1865, Thomas Hardy was tasked with clearing the graveyard of its bodies.
London's Smallest Police Station - Trafalgar Square - Visitors to Trafalgar Square often miss one of its curiosities, the smallest police station in London.
Trump Street And Russia Row - Tucked away off Cheapside are two thoroughfares that almost seem to have foreseen the coming of Donald Trump.
Walls and Trumpets - Maya House, Borough High Street - On Maya House, on Borough High Street, you will see a sequence of three blue figures that appear to be climbing up the wall of the building.
The Walter Gilbert Doors - Cornhill - The doors at 32, Cornhill were carved in 1939 by Walter Gilbert and show scenes from the history of Cornhill.
London's West End - Secret, Unusual and Offbeat Places and Locations. - This page is an introduction to the curiosities that we have uncovered in London's West End.
The Ziggy Stardust Plaque - David Bowie Album Cover Location - In March 2012 a plaque was unveiled at 23 Heddon Street in London on the site where David Bowie was photographed for his 1972 Ziggy Stardust album cover.
Things To Do in London September 2014 - Richard's suggestions for 10 things to do in London in September.
Things To Do In London September 2016 - The list of things to do in London for September 2016 compiled by Richard Jones.
Shakespeare's Lost City - A Walk With The Bard - Follow in the footsteps of William Shakespare on walk that explores the streets, courts and buildings that he knew and wrote about.
London Walking Tours - Sitemap -
The Soho Walk - Explore London's Cosmopolitan Village - Soho is a truly cosmopolitan village and this walk takes you on a breathtaking tour that veers between the ordinary to the outrageous.
Special Walks - Christmas and Anniversary One Off Tours. - Details of the various walks that we offer for special occasions, such as Christmas and Halloween.
St Paul's Cathedral - Introduction - An introduction to the history of London's St Paul's Cathedral a true City gem.
A Tour of St Paul's Cathedral - Join us for a captivating visit to St Paul's Cathedral, learn about its history and discover its secrets.
The Sweeney Todd Ghost Walk - London's Horrible History - A spooky walk through London's more sinister and horrible past which explores places where ghosts appear and features Sweeney Todd, London's Demon Barber.
Customer Feedback On Our Walking Tours. - These are some of the many reviews that Richard's tours have received over the years from satisfied customers.
The London Tours And Walks We Offer. - A brief synopsis of the various London walks that we offer. Read about them and then join us to discover more.
The Beatles London Tour - A Magical Mystery Walk - Step right this way and follow in the footsteps of the Beatles through the streets of Swinging London.
The British Museum - An Introduction - An introduction to the British Museum looking at its history and collections.
The Haunted London Pub Walk - Venture into the spooky streets of ghostly London to seek the places where spectres lurk and pause to seek the ghosts at several haunted pubs.
The Jewish East End Walk - Explore the historic streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields which were once home to London's East End Jewish community.
The Secret Lives of Charles Dickens - Explore the thoroughfares of Victorian London that featured in the the life and works of Charles Dickens and learn of the secrets he tried to keep hidden.
The Seven Noses of Soho - A tour through the streets of Soho to sniff out the places where the fabled Seven Noses of Soho are located.
Schedule of Guided Walks. - A list of the daily walks that we offer in London together with full booking details.
The History of the Tower of London - An introduction to the fascinating history of the Tower of London, the Capital's ancient fortress.
In The Footsteps of Charles Dickens - Boz Beckons - A tour of the London that Charles Dickens knew that takes in places where he worked and about which he wrote, some of them hardly changed since his day.
Westminster Abbey - Introduction - An introduction to the fascinating history of Westminster Abbey the Royal church.
What To Do In London - A Day By Day Guide To Exploring London - Our guide to what to do in London when you have seven days to enjoy the sights and sites of this truly fascinating and inspiring City.
London Walking Tour Guide - Richard Jones. - A biography of London Walking Tour guide, author and broadcaster Richard Jones.
The First World War Walk - Zeppelins Over London. - An exciting, and poignant walk that explores the destruction inflicted on London by the Zeppelin raids in the First World War.